Communication Therapy

Communication Therapy


The philosohy of the communication skills department at St. Rita School for the Deaf is to teach our students to be able to understand and use language through their best mode of communication within the context of the classroom and outside of school.
In order to do this, we use a variety of materials and technology.  In addition, we work closely with each student’s teachers.  
Books provide ample opportunity to model and expand language skills in a natural way.  Students are motivated when working in groups and learn well from each other.  We use visual supports to enhance learning and reinforce vocabulary.  

Through the use of literature, we can also support the acquisition of English grammar skills for both speaking and writing.  Books enable us to show how words are used in context and to provide a way for students to practice “sounding out” words when they have hearing ability. 
Books are imperative to children building language skills.  READ. READ. READ.
During the school day, speech-language pathologists have the opportunity to work closely with teachers.  We address IEP goals that include vocabulary development including antonyms, synonyms, multiple meaning words, categorizations, word parts (prefix, suffixes and roots), compound words and figurative language. 
We also address social skills including turn-taking and using social media appropriately.  Communication therapy can also involve following directions in the classroom or while completing everyday life activities like cooking, ordering a pizza or using Facetime with a friend.
Communication Skills Staff

Sharon Antunes

B. S. from College of N.J.
M.S. from James Madison University

Jessy Burns
B.S. Deaf Education from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville
M.A. from University of Cincinnati

Annette Cosgrove
B.S from University of Missouri, Columbia
M.A. from University of Cincinnati

Kimberly Kurtz
B.S. from Kent State University
M.A. from University of Cincinnati

Karen Rosen
B.A.- Ohio State University
M.Ed-Kent State University
Ed. Specialist-University of Toledo

Elizabeth Ryerson-Flynn
B.S. from Florida Southern College
M.A. from University of Cincinnati
Au.D. from University of Cincinnati

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