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Kahoot! In the Classroom
Posted 11/20/2014 at 12:49:03 PM by Gregory Ernst [staff member]

There is a new website called Kahoot! You can find it at (https://getkahoot.com/). Kahoot is like playing on the game show called “Who Wants to Be a Millionare”. Using a Kahoot account, you can create pop quiz questions for the students to answer. The only difference is to answer questions each student will need a wireless device. The device can be a laptop, an iPhone, an Android phone, iPad, or any tablet with a browser.

The process starts with the teacher creating any number of questions on their Kahoot account. The answers for each question can be 2, 3, or 4 multiple choice answers. You can select which answer is correct and which answers are wrong. The teacher can also select how much time the students have to answer the questions. The times can be anywhere from 5 seconds to 120 seconds. The Kahoot quizzes that you create can be made public (shared with others) or made private (only for yourself). Once all questions are completed, you save them with a unique name.

Next, display the Kahoot game on your whiteboard using your laptop and a connected projector. Then ask the students to get any wireless device to join the game (it can be a wired device). The students then join the game by opening a browser on their device and typing https://kahoot.it/#/ . The game pin number is displayed on the whiteboard and the students type in the game pin number to join the Kahoot! After typing in the pin number it will ask the student to create a nickname. The student would then type in a creative name instead of their own name.

After everyone has joined the game, the teacher launches the game. Now the fun begins! The students read the question, and look at the multiple choice answers the teacher provided. Using their device the students select which answer they think best fits the question. After all have selected the answer, the game automatically shows the right choice. The students get points based on how quickly they answer and if they answer correctly. After each question, Kahoot! displays who is in 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and so on before it goes to the next question. When the whole game is completed, Kahoot shows a special screen displaying who the first place winner is.

I was able to use Kahoot! in my classroom last week. It was a blast and the students loved it! When they answered a question correctly, they would jump up and cheer. I felt like we were at a NFL game cheering for a touchdown. It really motivated the students.

Kahoot! is free at the moment. If you attend the website provided in this blog you can start a free account, there is no cost to join. However, Kahoot! is in Beta testing. Kahoot! is not limited to pop quiz questions, you can also have live discussions or surveys using Kahoot!. This would be good in a business setting or in a staff meeting as well. It can even be used at home with your family for a family fun game night.

Give it a try, you will love it!

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Hey Ted’s Tech Dig Readers!!
Posted 10/3/2013 at 3:03:10 PM by Gregory Ernst [staff member]
Hey Ted’s Tech Dig Readers!!

It has been awhile since I have touched base on my blog.  I am really excited to be typing on this blog once again!  I have had a few months to think about “inspiration” for my blog.  These days everyone is busy with work, family, hobbies, cleaning the house, and keeping up with this every growing world of online technology. 
Talking about being busy, I feel that it is very important that we find downtime to recharge.  Everyone has a different way to relax.  The entertainment method, where some like to read a novel that has been sitting on their coffee table and those who like to catch up on their favorite TV series where they missed a few episodes.  The exercise style, where some like to put on their running shoes and go for a run and those who like to lift weights or get involved in Yoga.  

Finally, the environment format, where some like to enjoy nature outside or simply go for a stroll.  Whatever your preferred way to recharge, make sure you find some time each day or each week to make that happen.

Our duties in life can continue to keep us busy from getting a chance to enjoy our downtime at home.  One of them could be a broken screen on your iPhone, iPad, or other smartphone.  The disappointment and stress that comes with worrying about our broken device screen because you decided to forgo the insurance coverage cost.  That situation can be pretty annoying, since we all try our best to be careful with our devices or PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). 

I have come across many individuals who have a broken iPhone screen.  They cannot get it replaced because they have no phone insurance, the cost to replace it can be high, or the phone is still under contract.  In fact, today at lunch I was talking to a co-worker and this person just told me their iPhone screen broke when it was dropped this morning. 

While we are focused on the topic of broken device screens, the other day I came across a website that allows you to get your broken device screen fixed for a fraction of the cost at the dealer.  

You can have the phone repair tech meet you at work or home to fix it for you or you can have them mail you the repair kit if you are a handy person who is good with DIY fixes.  The website is https://www.icracked.com  it is worth checking out if you need a quick and easy fix for your smartphone screen. They will even fix a phone that has been accidently submerged in water.

Take care of your device and keep that screen protected.
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Posted 3/4/2013 at 12:34:43 PM by Gregory Ernst [staff member]
What is UltraViolet?

UltraViolet in this article has nothing to do with UV rays from the sun that causes sunburns or tans in certain individuals.  During the summer months, it is wise to put on sunscreen to prevent UV rays from damaging your skin.  Sunburns are no fun and I am sure you agree, if you have ever been sunburnt in the past.

In this Tech Dig blog, I would like to discuss how the “Ultraviolet movies to digital content” program works.  But first, how did the idea of UltraViolet come about?  According to the website uvvu.com, UltraViolet is a new technology invention created for viewing movies and TV shows by 82, yes! 82 companies in an organization called the Alliance

Still you ask, what is UltraViolet and how does it work?  First, you need to sign up for your own free UltraViolet account by entering your own username and password that you create.  Next, when you purchase a movie from the store or even when you buy a movie online at specific sites that is listed on the uvvu.com, look for movies that come with a yellow and purple icon that says, “All-New UltraViolet instantly stream and download”.  That logo specifically tells you that the movie you bought includes a code inside to add to your UltraViolet account.  Using that code, you log into your UltraViolet account and redeem that code.  This code stores a copy of the movie in your UltraViolet account which is stored in the cloud.  Finally with this movie in your UltraViolet account, you can watch it anywhere, anytime, on any device for as long as you keep that UltraViolet account active. 

The key idea here is that the UltraViolet movie code is stored in the “cloud”.  If it is stored in the cloud you can access it from anywhere with any “internet connected” device such as Blu-ray players, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, cable or satellite boxes, internet ready HDTVs, or your laptop.  This is a neat way to carry around your movies without having to “physically” carry them with you.  Now, you can watch a movie at a friend’s or family member’s house using their laptop or HDTV that is connected to the internet.  You can even watch a movie on your smartphone, iPad, or tablet while waiting at the airport.

UltraViolet movies may not be for everyone because obtaining an UltraViolet code means purchasing the movie first.  I’m sure others use their iTunes, Google Play, Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, or basic streaming from the internet to suit their movie needs.  The bottom line is to know your style, needs, and budget.  Be sure to check out the specifics of each before you decide on one. 

For more information on UltraViolet visit
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