School Symbols

School Symbols

Our Crest

School Crest
8-Pointed Star - An ancient symbol of regeneration, the 8 pointed star represents the new life and opportunities to which our students will have access as a result of a St. Rita Education. 
Torch - The torch and the light emanating from it symbolize the chasing away the darkness and isolation of the communication barriers our students experience. 
Book - The book is an outward sign of our mission as a school to educate children. 
Cross on left page - Reflects our identity as a Catholic School. 
"Surdi" on right page - Latin for deaf, it is an evocation of our founding as a Catholic school for the Deaf, but symbolizes our mission of educating all children with special communication needs.  
Dream, Achieve, Soar - The 'D', 'A', and 'S' are depicted in American Sign Language, the primary method of communication to our school.  Our motto represents the educational experience St. Rita offers to its students - we encourage them to dream, provide them with the necessary support and education to achieve those dreams, and proudly watch as they leave our school to share their gifts and talents with the world. 

Our School Colors

The green represents the grape vine St. Rita nurtured outside her cell at the monastery.  The Mother Superior ordered St. Rita to water the dead vine every day.  Out of obedience, St. Rita watered it; and it grew into a large grape bearing vine - a vine which is still alive today in Cascia. 
The gold represents the honey bee.  On the day of St. Rita's baptism, it was noted that white bees flew in and out of her mouth while she was sleeping - St. Rita was only 5 years old.  Upon the death of St. Rita, a bee colony established itself at the monastery.  However, the bees are only seen during the last days of Holy Week and around her Feast day.  One of these bees was taken from the monastery in Cascia and given to Pope Urban VIII, who then attached a string to it.  Once released, the bee flew back to the monastery. 

Our Mascot

The Lion represents our students' courage to succeed when others thought it would be impossible.
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