The child's first and most influential teacher is the parent. 

St. Rita School for the Deaf recognizes parents as the primary educators of their child. The education of students at our school is a partnership between parents and the school. In order for the child to be successful in and outside of the classroom, communication is crucial between the school and parents.

The teachers and staff are excited about the opportunity to educate your child. At St. Rita School for the Deaf, teachers and staff will work in collaboration with you the parent and any pertinent professional and /or medical individuals necessary to educate and prepare your child to achieve their dreams and soar.

The teachers and staff offer academic and socialization programs that will meet the needs of the whole child. Each classroom and program your child participates in will promote and challenge his or her individuality and needs. The small positive classroom environment strengthens communication to facilitate your child’s self-expression and personal growth while creating an educational program that specifically meets his/her individual special needs.

The teachers and staff believe all students are capable of learning given the appropriate technology, instruction and learning environment that best supports their special needs.

Introducing Our New Community Specialist.

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Amanda Rogers

Community Specialist for St. Rita School for the Deaf

T: 513-352-7277
Videophone: 513-283-0114